Truck Shopping Trolley bag

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Each bag is a one off!

The Truck shopping trolley bag is unique in the fact that each one is absolutely one of a kind! They are handmade in Switzerland from recycled truck canvas, so no two bags are alike, and once it’s gone – it’s gone! There are 2 styles of Truck bag: A7 Truck bag which has a 38 litre capacity and a flap closure; and the A9 Truck bag which has a 49 litre capacity with a zip and double clip closure. We update regularly when new bags come in.

Truck bag features:

  • Size capacity : 38 L/49 L
  • Water resistant
  • Straps to wear as a backpack (A7 only)
  • Inner pocket
  • Easily removable
  • Extra closure on top
  • Size : 32x57x21 cm/35x62x22 cm



A7 Beige, A7 Pink & Blue, A7 Yellow, A7 Red, A7 Orange, A9 Blue & White, A9 White red writing, A9 Black, Brown & Yellow, A9 White pink & blue stripes


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