Wicker Trolley

Wicker Shopping Trolley (Picnic Hamper Trolley)

Looking for a more traditional style trolley but still just as practical? The Korb wicker trolley could be perfect for you. Your very own wicker basket on wheels. It is ideal for use as a picnic trolley in those hot summer months, with its large wheels being able to roll easily over grass, making it the ideal picnic basket on wheels.  This wicker basket shopping trolley has all the charms of a traditional picnic hamper, with the added advantage of being on wheels, making those picnics an awful lot easier to carry, the perfect picnic trolley!

Even though its classified as a wicker shopping trolley, many love to use it as a laundry basket at home, as being a wicker basket on wheels its ideal to lug your laundry around the house, making it much easier and more practical than a standard washing basket. Or perhaps you would just prefer to show it off at the shops and use it as a traditional wicker shopping basket, the ideal grocery basket. However you choose to use the Korb wicker shopping trolley you are sure to be satisfied with its classic good looks and sturdy design.

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FAQs about Wicker Shopping Trolleys

What is the best scenario to use the wicker shopping trolleys in?

Our Korb wicker trolley can be used for many occasions. Many like to use it in the summer for picnics in the park, others like to use it for their general weekly shop while some like to use it around the house as a handy laundry basket.

Are wicker shopping trolleys suitable for use around town?

Yes, absolutely, that is originally what they were designed for, as an alternative look for the usual shopping trolley.

How much do these picnic trolleys weigh?

Our small wicker trolleys weigh 3.3kg and our larger ones weigh 4.2kg.

What other uses can the wicker trolley have?

This is very open to use your imagination! As well as the standard use of shopping and picnicing there are some who like to use them as toy box storage, keeping garden tools, as hampers or even just as decoration with plants and flowers in! The possibilities are endless!

Will there be places I can have the wicker trolley repaired if I damage it?

All our trolleys come with a 3 year guarantee so all repairs and replacements will be free of charge. If after this time you have a problem you can still contact us and we can arrange a repair or replacement to be sent out.


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