Recycled and Handmade

Recycled and Handmade

The bags in this selection of shopping trolleys are all handmade from recycled material, making them not only practical but eco-friendly too! The Truck bags are handmade in Switzerland from recycled truck canvas. The exciting thing about them is that each one is unique! You can choose from a range of bags if you drop us an email and we can reserve your preferred Truck bag for you.

Our 360° bags are all handmade in Germany with recycled sail material, making each one unique. It is even marked on each bag the type of ship, which sea it sailed and which part of the sail that was used! The Luv bags each have a 40 litre capacity and the Boje bags have a 53 litre capacity!

So choose a stylish, funky shopping trolley AND and feel good about helping the planet!


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