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Trolleys for little ones

The Kids trolley and the Newschool trolley are ideal for your little ones who have to carry their things to school. We all know that years of carrying heavy books on your back can take its toll. Not only is it inconvenient but long term use can negatively impact your child’s back and neck. Kids trolleys are a much more practical and easy way for your child to carry heavy loads. Our Kids trolley is designed for children aged between 2 and 7 (depending on your child’s height) and our Newschool trolley is designed for children above the age of 7. The Newschool trolley has a telescopic  height adjustable handle to adjust to your child’s needs and you are able to attach any rucksack onto the frame.

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NewSchool Kids Shopping Trolley


The NewSchool Shopping trolley is the ideal way to pull along your school bag!

Deigned for children aged 7 it makes carrying those school books a lot easier!

Attach any backpack onto it!

Very light and height adjustable; It even attaches onto your bike!


Kids Shopping Trolley


The kids shopping trolley is the ideal trolley for small children. It is designed for children aged 3-7.

It is ideal for young children to take to school and prevent carrying a heavy backpack full of books! But the bag can also be removed and used as a rucksack too!


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