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Royal plus Trolley Frame

£139.96 £159.95

The Royal plus shopping trolley is a heavy duty, high end trolley!

It’s extra wide base, mudguards and reflector, as well as its aluminium frame and choice of 2 different, specialised wheels, makes it the perfect off-roading bike trailer trolley!

Royal trep Trolley Frame


The Royal trep is a large, strong rough terrain trolley.

It’s aluminium frame allows it to carry up to 50kg! Ideal for climbing up and down stairs with heavy loads.

Its frame has a foldable handle and base for easy storage.

Tura Trolley Frame

£174.95 £219.95

The Tura is a specialised rough terrain bike trailer trolley.

Its extra-large wheels, mudguards and reflector make it the ideal shopping trolley to attach onto your bike.

Its trendy look and adjustable handle makes it the coolest trolley bike trailer ever!

Royal Trolley Frame

£89.95 £159.95

The Royal trolley frame is a well-made, sturdy frame that can be used for a variety of uses. It is not only practical to use with your shopping trolley bag but also can be used to make carrying heavy loads easier, such as bins, boxes and crates.

Its foldable, aluminium frame makes it light and durable and so is a great addition to have around the house.

It has a selection of large, specialised wheels to allow for different uses, such as tyre wheels for going over rough terrrain and ball bearings to allow it to roll through thick grass or mud more easily. It can also attach onto a bike to make it a real bike trailer!

Scala Trep Trolley Frame


The Scala Trep shopping trolley frame is perfect for climbing stairs. It has 6 wheels, with 3 rotating wheels on either side, to allow for real, specialised, stair climbing.

Ideal to use for those who live in flats or apartments with lots of stairs!


Komfort Trolley Frame


The Komfort shopping trolley is the original shopping trolley with seat.

It’s retractable in-built seat allows the trolley-er to take a quick break, whenever, wherever! Then simply fold away as it reverts back into a two wheel shopping trolley and off you go!

It also makes the best festival and fishing accessory!

Unus Trolley Frame


The Unus shopping trolley is our funky design trolley!

It’s won 4 design awards, including the Red Dot and Universal Design Award!

Made from lightweight aluminium and with a telescopic, height adjustable and 3 way grip handle, you’re sure to make all other trolleys envious!

Quattro Trolley Frame


The Quattro trolley frame is a 4 wheel, push shopping trolley with a height adjustable handle.

It’s made from strong steel so is slightly heavier than our other frames, giving it that extra bit of stability. A sturdy frame ideal for those who prefer to push a trolley in front, providing that extra bit of support.

Its 4 wheels can also retract, transforming it into a 2 wheel pull along trolley, should you change your mind and prefer to pull it!

AluStar Trolley Frame


The AluStar shopping trolley frame is a mid-range two wheel shopping trolley; the ideal in-between for those wanting a bit more than the basic frame but don’t need the all out off roading features of the top range frames.

Its aluminium frame means its super lightweight, making it really easy to take with you and it’s foldable features make it easy to pick up and store out of sight. The 20cm wheels means it can roll over bumpy roads with ease.

Its height adjustable handle makes it perfect for both short and tall alike!

Scala plus Trolley Frame


The Scala plus trolley frame is a two wheel trolley.

It’s a super lightweight shopping trolley, thanks to its aluminium frame and small size.

It’s completely collapsible, with a folding base and handle so you can store it neatly out of site!

Scala Trolley Frame


The Scala trolley frame is a 2 wheel shopping trolley; a small trolley, it’s an ideal pull along trolley.

Its steel frame means it’s strong and durable, allowing it to hold up to 40kg.

It can even attach onto a bike to make it a real bike trailer!

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