Classic 2 wheel trolley

2 Wheel Shopping Trolley

The Scala and Scala plus are our classic 2 wheel shopping trolley frames. With slightly different features depending on your needs, the Scala and Scala plus frames are ideal for carrying heavy loads, such as your weekly shop. The 2 wheel trolley Scala frame is ideal as a basic model and has the added feature of being able to attach to your bike (click here for bike attachments). The 2 wheel trolley Scala plus frame made from aluminium and is completely foldable so is ideal if you’re looking for a lighter, more compact trolley frame.

The next model up is the 2 wheel shopping cart AluStar that has all the features of the Scala plus, with the extra addition of a height adjustable handle, meaning you can adjust the height of your trolley to your liking, allowing for greater comfort. The 2 wheel trolley AluStar also comes with larger 20cm diameter wheels, meaning it can cross rougher surfaces more easily.

The Royal is our 2 wheel heavy duty shopping trolley which has a larger frame, and wheels, allowing for maximum sturdiness and means it can cope with a range of rough terrains easily. With a choice of 7 different wheels you can customise your trolley to suit your needs. The Royal can also attach onto your bike (click here for bike attachments).

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