6 wheel stair climber trolley

6 Wheel Shopping Trolley for Stairs

Our shopping trolleys for stairs do exactly that – climb stairs! These 6 wheel shopping trolleys are ideal for people who live in apartments with no escalator or those who encounter stairs on a regular basis. With 3 specialised rotating wheels on each side, the 6 wheel trolley cart rotates as it takes each step, making going up stairs a doddle. Your 6 wheel trolley will make it easy to carry heavy loads up flights of stairs, relieving your back and shoulders when carrying your shopping home.

We have two 6 wheel trolley models: The Scala trep and the Royal trep. The Scala trep is our classic, smaller frame made from steel, perfect for those who are making short trips to the shop with a lighter load. The Royal trep is our heavy duty, larger aluminium frame and comes with extra features, such as a foldable base and a trolley cart hook so you can attach it onto the end of a supermarket trolley cart.

Its good to note that the Royal frame comes with a selection of 7 different wheels to choose from, the 6 wheel option being one of them. The total diameter of the 6 wheel wheel, is 29cm, which is the same as the large 29cm wheel option, which can also climb stairs due it large diameter. The 29cm wheel also has the added bonus of being sturdier when rolling along rougher terrains as it has ball bearings, making general rough terrain or stair use easier.

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