Scala frame with Hera bag Shopping Trolley

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The Scala shopping trolley frame is our basic 2 wheel shopping trolley. It has a steel frame meaning it’s very strong and robust. It comes with 15cm wheels meaning it’s designed for those little trips to the shop over pavement. The Hera bag is classic trolley bag with a generous 44 litre capacity and has both an inner and outer side pocket.

With a weight of 1.8 kg, the Scala Shopper® chassis is a light shopping trolley and yet stable. The Scala Shopper® has a load capacity of 40 kg and can also transport heavy loads well. The bags are removable from the Scala Shopper® and flexibly transform the chassis into a comfortable transport trolley. The whisper wheels are particularly smooth-running and very quiet even on uneven surfaces, yet still robust.

The Scala Shopper® can be easily connected to a bicycle with the help of the specially developed Bike & Easy coupling system and thus provides even more flexibility in everyday life as a Shopper® on a bicycle. On a bicycle, the Scala Shopper® is a real alternative to bicycle bags or cargo bikes. In addition, the luggage rack remains free for other bags or child seats. The fold-down handle is practical in everyday life, in a café, when climbing stairs or to place the Scala Shopper® on a bench to empty it. This turns a robust Shopper® into a practical everyday companion.

Solid bag in a simple design. The Hera bag offers enough space for shopping at the market or supermarket. An inside pocket and a side pocket in discreet black offer plenty of space for small items such as a wallet or keys. The bag is water-repellent and thanks to the dark outer fabric also very insensitive. Reflectors ensure good safety even in bad weather or darkness.The Hera bag can be easily detached from the selected Shopper® frame with two Velcro fasteners and folded.

Scala frame features:

  • Steel frame
  • Foldable handle
  • Can attach onto a bike – 15cm wheels only (see Trolley Accessories for bike attachments)
  • 15cm or 3 x 13cm silent wheels, easily removable
  • Height: 101cm or 106cm with 3 x 13cm wheels
  • Base width: 36cm
  • Weight: 1.9kg or 2.6kg with 3 x 13cm wheels
  • Weight carrying capacity: 40kg

Hera bag features:

  • Size capacity : 44 L
  • Water resistant
  • Inner pocket
  • Side pocket
  • Reflectors
  • Easily removable
  • Size : 36 x 56 x 22 cm





A7 Red





Removable Wheels


Frame Height


Frame Weight

1.8 kg

Frame Carrying Capacity

40 kg

Frame Dimensions DxHxW

21cm x 101cm x 36cm (45cm with wheels)

Foldable Handle


Foldable Base


Can Attach onto a Bike


Hook for Shopping Cart


Bag Volume

47 litres

Bag Dimensions DxHxW

23cm x 57cm x 35cm

Bag Weight

0.8 kg

Reflectors on Bag


Side Pocket


Front Pocket


Inner Pocket


Thermally Insulated


Water Resistant


Drawstring Closure


Straps to wear as Backpack



General, Local/Short trips


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