Royal trep frame with Tamo bag Shopping Trolley

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The Royal trep easily masters every step with its triple rotating wheels. The whisper wheels also ensure that the trolley is very quiet even on uneven surfaces such as cobblestones. The Tamo bag has a front pocket and a side pocket, which offer plenty of space for small items. The Tamo bag is water-repellent and dirt-resistant.

The Royal Trep frame is perfect for anyone who is looking for a practical and easy trolley that can climb stairs with ease! Made of high-quality aluminium, it is lightweight yet sturdy. The trolley can carry up to 50 kg, making it suitable for larger purchases or heavier loads like crates of drinks.

The special feature of this trolley are its 3 x 13 cm diameter wheels. Under normal conditions, it runs on two wheels, but when faced with stairs or curbs, it automatically switches to stair-climbing mode, making it easier to ascend.

It can also be attached to most shopping trolleys, with the use of a simple hook,  freeing up your hands while shopping and keeping the trolley in view. Not only this, but it can also be attached to your bicycle with just 2 simple attachments! Leaving your luggage area free for more bags or a child seat.

When not in use, the Royal Trep can be easily folded up by folding the handle down and removing the wheels, and stored in even the smallest corner.

The Tamo trolley bag has an impressive 51-litre storage capacity, providing ample space for groceries, beach towels, or even sports equipment.

The integrated thermal compartment in the Tamo trolley bag keeps your drinks or frozen products cool and fresh for a long time, making it ideal for hot summer days. The bag is water-repellent, and its material is resistant to light dirt, making it easy to maintain and clean.

With reflectors on the sides, you can enjoy good visibility even in poor weather or at night.

When you are finished with the Tamo trolley bag, the velcro fasteners make it effortless to remove it from the trolley frame, allowing you to fold it flat and store it in a compact space.

Royal trep frame features:

· Aluminium frame

· Foldable handle

· Foldable base

· Base extension

· Height 107cm

· 3x13cm (29cm) silent wheels, easily removable

· Can attach onto a bike (see trolley accessories for bike attachments)

· Hook for shopping cart attachment

· Height: 107cm

· Base width: 35cm

· Weight: 2.7kg

· Weight carrying capacity: 50kg


Tamo bag features:

· Size capacity : 51 L

. Thermo insulated compartment : 16L

· Water resistant

· Inner pocket

· Side pocket

· Front pocket

· Extra carrying handle

· Reflectors

· Easily removable

· Extra closure on top

· Size : 35 x 59 x 23 cm


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