Quattro frame with Senta bag Shopping Trolley

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The Quattro shopping trolley frame is a 4 wheel, push shopping trolley with a height adjustable handle. The Senta shopping trolley bag has a generous 49 litre capacity and extra features including carrying handle for easy of lifting on and off the frame and extra pockets.

Functional allrounder. The Quattro Shopper® is an eye-catcher! It is very durable due to its high-quality processed and robust materials. The black matt powder coating of the Quattro Shopper® not only ensures long durability and protection against weather-related influences, but also gives the Quattro Shopper® a modern and elegant design. The Quattro Shopper® has a load capacity of 50 kg and can also transport heavy loads well. With a single handle, the Quattro Shopper® transforms from a Shopper® into a stable and robust transport trolley that can also be used to easily transport crates or moving boxes. The Quatro Shopper® whisper wheels are particularly smooth-running and very quiet, yet robust, even on uneven surfaces. Cobblestones or kerbs are no problem to cross and even forest paths are no problem for the Quattro Shopper®. The handle of the Quattro Shopper® is infinitely adjustable and thus adapts perfectly to the needs of the user. The handle can be extended to a height of 117 cm, so that people can pull or push the Shopper® in their natural body and walking posture. The bag can be removed from the Quattro Shopper® in a few easy steps. The Shopper® frame can be folded to a size of 36 x 83 cm and finds a place even in the smallest corner. This turns a robust Shopper® into a practical everyday companion.

The classic bag. It’s hard to imagine the Andersen collection without the Senta bag. Reinvented again and again, it remains true to its classic appearance and timeless design. The Senta bag is closed with a cord in addition to the normal lid. This ensures safety and stability, even if the bag is overloaded. With a capacity of 49 litres, however, it is large enough for shopping at the market or supermarket. An inside pocket and side pocket also provide space for small items. The Senta bag is water-repellent and, thanks to the dark bottom and back, also resistant to dirt. The Senta bag is easily removable with the help of two Velcro fasteners on the back of the bag and folds flat for easy storage.

Quattro frame features:

  • Steel frame
  • Height adjustable handle
  • Contractible base
  • 20 cm and 15cm silent wheels, easily removable
  • Height: 75-117cm
  • Base width: 26cm
  • Weight: 2.8kg
  • Weight carrying capacity: 50kg

Senta bag features:

  • Size capacity : 49 L
  • Water resistant
  • Inner pocket
  • Front pocket
  • Side pocket
  • Extra carrying handle
  • Reflectors
  • Easily removable
  • Extra closure on top
  • Size : 35 x 58 x 24 cm

Charcoal, Grey, White

Bag Volume






Thermally Insulated



Best for Stability, Height Adjustable, Push






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