Heavy Duty Shopping Trolley

Browse our range of heavy duty shopping trolleys and heavy duty shopping trolley bags. The most robust shopping trolley on the market. Made in Germany our heavy duty trolleys come with a 3 year guarantee, making them the best quality heavy duty shopping trolleys in the UK!

How do I know if I need a heavy duty shopping trolley or a standard trolley?

You would have to have a think about what you will use the trolley for. All our trolleys are of a very high quality and so even our most basic model is sturdy and resiliant. You will only need a basic model such as the Scala or AluStar, if you are shopping for one or two people and your trip to the shops will likely be on concrete, such as along a pavement. If you need to fit in a large amount of items and may be going over rougher terrain, such as gravel, mud, grass or regularly on and off steps, curbs or buses you will want to look at a more heavy duty model such as the Royal.

What makes these trolleys heavy duty?

The size and quality of the frame and wheels. Just like a car, the better quality material the car is made from and the larger the wheels and size of the car, the more robust it is. Think of a landrover versus a twingo! If you only need a small car for basic trips out a twingo will do just fine, this is like our Scala frame, which is basic but still made of a high quality material. If you want to drive over grass, mud, through rivers and have extra features, then a landrover would be a better choice! Just like our Royal or Tura which has extra features and extra large wheels.

What age groups buy the heavy duty shopping trolleys?

All ages, from people in their 20’s who use it to attach onto their bikes and take on off road adventures, to older people who still like to keep fit and get out and about with the aid of a strong, sturdy trolley to help them better carry heavy loads.

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