Premium Trolleys

Step right up and get ready to roll with our show-stopping range of premium trolleys! These mighty machines are the ultimate combination of strength and style, boasting heavy duty frames and bags that are built to conquer all terrain with ease. Leading the pack is the legendary Royal frame, a best-seller that’s packed with features that will leave you in awe. But if you’re looking for the crème de la crème, look no further than the Tura – the Ferrari of trolleys! This powerhouse is our largest trolley, and it’s ready to take center stage. To learn all about these two frames and their impressive features, simply check out the Frames section

Our premium bag range is filled with handcrafted, recycled treasures that are not only stylish but sustainable too.

Meet the Truck, a handmade masterpiece made from recycled truck canvas, the 360º, a sail canvas beauty, and the Ortlieb, a 100% waterproof wonder that’s ready for any adventure.

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