Komfort frame with Senta bag Shopping Trolley

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The Komfort frame has a handy pop out seat that you can simply flip down to take a rest, anywhere, anytime! Then simply flip it back up and away you go! The Senta bag has a large 49 litres capacity, enough for all your shopping needs.

For the break in between. The Komfort Shopper® is the ideal companion when you want to take a break even on shorter shopping trips. The integrated seat with its 38 x 38 cm offers a comfortable seat for in-between and can be loaded with up to 120 kg. The Komfort Shopper® is very durable due to its high-quality workmanship and robust materials. The black matt powder coating of the shopper frame not only ensures long durability and protection against weather-related influences, but also gives the Komfort Shopper® a modern and elegant design. With the help of the specially developed Andersen Bike&Easy coupling system, the Komfort Shopper® can also be used as a practical shopping trolley on a bicycle. The highlight is that the luggage carrier remains free and can still be used for a child seat or other carrier bags. The Komfort Shopper® has a load capacity of 50 kg. Bulk shopping, crates of drinks or heavy loads are therefore no problem. An additional fold-out handle increases the support surface and transforms the Shopper® into a reliable transport scooter. The whisper wheels are particularly smooth-running and very quiet even on uneven surfaces, yet still robust. Cobblestones or kerbs can be crossed without any problems and even forest paths are no problem for the Komfort Shopper®. The bag can be removed from the Komfort Shopper® frame in a few easy steps. The Shopper® frame can be folded up quickly and easily and finds its place even in the smallest corner. This turns a robust Shopper® into a practical everyday companion.

Simple design with many extras. The Senta bag convinces with its simple design.  A capacity of 49 litres offers enough space for shopping in the supermarket or at the market. Small items such as keys or wallets also find a place in a side pocket. The material composition of the Senta shopping trolley bag ensures that it is water-repellent and resistant to dirt and splash water. Reflectors on the sides ensure good visibility in road traffic even in bad weather and darkness.

The Senta bag can be easily detached from the selected Shopper® frame thanks to the two Velcro fasteners on the back of the bag and folded flat when not in use.


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