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Welcome to the world of shopping trolleys here at Let’s get Trollied! You may have thought that a shopping trolley was just a shopping trolley, a simple purchase – but no, there is a whole world of trolleys out there! From cheap and cheerful for those small outings to the local shop, to expert, specialised, all weather, all terrain trolleys that will be your partner for life!

Here at Let’s get Trollied we pride ourselves on the quality and wide range of products we offer. We work exclusively with Andersen Shopper Manufaktur simply because, in the world of trolleys, they are the best quality. Andersen offer only the highest quality frames, all made in Germany since 1958 and guaranteed for 3 years.

Browse through our selection and decide what trolley best suits your needs. If you cannot find the trolley you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to find the perfect trolley for you.

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Out of Stock Scala frame with Ipek bag Shopping Trolley Scala frame with Ipek bag Shopping Trolley

Scala frame with Ipek bag Shopping Trolley


The Scala shopping trolley frame is our basic 2 wheel shopping trolley. It has a steel frame meaning it’s very strong and robust. It comes with 15cm wheels meaning it’s designed for those little trips to the shop over pavement.

Even though it’s a small trolley, being made of strong steel allows it to be attached to your bike (see Trolly Accessories for bike attachments – note you will need 2 attachments, one for the trolley and one for the bike). We recommend this trolley for local bike trips over tarmac; if you are looking for a bike trolley for longer journeys or over rougher terrain we recommend either the Royal, Royal plus or Tura (see Bike Trolleys).

The Ipek shopping trolley bag has a 51 litre capacity and is fully thermally insulated making it easy to keep all your shopping nice and cool!

The perfect 2 wheel shopping trolley!


Royal frame with Luv bag Shopping Trolley

£274.96 £294.95

The Royal shopping trolley is a heavy duty shopping trolley. Its foldable, aluminium frame makes it light and durable. It has a selection of larger, more specialised wheels and can attach onto a bike to make it a real bike trailer!

The 360° Luv shopping trolley bag has a 40 litre capacity and is handmade in Germany with recycled sails !

360° bags are all handmade in Germany with recycled sail material, making each one unique. It is even marked on each bag the type of ship, which sea it sailed and which part of the sail that was used!

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