Coupling “Big Easy” for bicycle

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Attach your trolley to your bike with the ”Big Easy” bike attachment. No need for a basket carrier! This coupling can be easily fixed directly onto your bicycle frame. Don’t forget your trolley adapter! 

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Together with the coupling pin that matches the Shopper®, the R1-BigEasy coupling forms the Bike & Easy System from Andersen Shopper Manufaktur. The R1-BigEasy coupling is the counterpart to the coupling pin and is attached to the seat stay of the bicycle. By attaching the coupling to the bicycle frame, this coupling is particularly suitable for bicycles without a luggage carrier. However, even for bicycles with a luggage carrier, the R1-BigEasy hitch is also designed so that the luggage carrier always remains free. This means that in addition to the Shopper®, other panniers or a child seat can be mounted on the carrier. When the Shopper® is not in use, it can be easily removed. The R1 BigEasy hitch can remain on the bike during this time and is flexibly ready for the next tour with the Shopper®.

To attach the R1-BigEasy hitch to the bicycle frame, the seat stay must have a diameter of 10 to 22 mm. A luggage carrier is not necessary for attaching the R1 BigEasy coupling.

Please note: To attach the Shopper® to the bicycle, a coupling pin is required in addition to the coupling.

The R1-BigEasy coupling can be attached to almost all common bicycles.

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