Classic 2 Wheel Trolleys

Experience effortless shopping with our classic 2-wheel shopping trolleys – the Scala and Scala plus! These bad boys are the perfect solution for carrying heavy loads like your weekly shop.

The Scala frame is a basic model but don’t let that fool you, it’s got an added bonus of being able to attach to your bike! The Scala plus is made from lightweight aluminium and is super easy to store, just fold and go!

Up for a step-up? Meet the AluStar, the 2-wheel shopping trolley that’s packed with all the features of the Scala plus, plus a height adjustable handle that you can set to your desired comfort level. With its larger 20cm diameter wheels, the AluStar is great for different terrains.

Looking for ultimate sturdiness and versatility? Look no further than the Royal, our 2-wheel heavy-duty shopping trolley. With a larger frame and wheels, the Royal can handle even the toughest shopping trips and alternate terrain with ease. And the best part? You can customize it to your needs with a choice of 7 different wheels! Plus, you can even attach it to your bike!

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