Adapter for Trolley (type 1)

Code: 6-110-80


The trolley adaptor will allow you to attach it to your bicycle very easily. All you need is your trolley adaptor and your bike adaptor and away you go! Suitable for Scala, Royal, Royal plus and Komfort frames.

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The SH-1 coupling pin is a component of the Andersen Shopper Manufaktur Bike & Easy system. With the help of the SH-1 coupling pin, the Shopper® can be attached to the appropriate coupling. The coupling pin is attached between the two struts of the Shopper® handle at the corresponding pre-drilled point. The Shopper® can be coupled to or removed from the bicycle in a few simple steps. The coupling pin can also remain attached to the Shopper® during normal use without the bicycle. In this way, the Shopper® can be used either with or without the bicycle, as desired.

The SH-1 coupling pin is suitable for the following frames:

  • Scala Shopper
  • Royal Shopper
  • Royal Shopper Plus
  • Komfort Shopper

Please note: To attach the Shopper® to the bicycle, a coupling is required in addition to the coupling pin.

Made in Germany

Guarantee 3 years

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