About us

Why buy from us?

Let’s Get Trollied is a very small, family run business and the way we work is different to the majority of other companies out there. The reason the business first opened was not that it had profit in mind but stemed from a love of the eco-friendly product and the ethical way of working that the manufacturer executed.

The business world today is largely about profit and loss, with most companies having one goal in mind: to get rich! They often don’t take into account the people involved and their well being. Unfortunately this leads to decisions such as paying people low wages, often in foreign countries, so they can make big profits. This is why a lot of companies are able to offer discounts or have regular sales; even with the discounted price, they are still making a profit on the item. (This should give you an indication of how much profit they make when they sell it at full price!)

Thankfully, awareness is slowly growing about where products come from and how they are made. More people want to know, and more importantly care, about whether a product has come from an ethical company who looks after their workers and the environment or not.

That’s why Let’s Get Trollied works exclusively with Andersen. Products are made in their warehouse in northern Germany where the parents of Sven and Wiebka Andersen (Christa and Günter Andersen) first invented the shopping trolley in 1958 in a horse stable. The factory has remained here ever since.

Workers are paid a proper European wage and the materials used are high quality steel and aluminium, allowing them to offer a 3 year guarantee on all products.

This means the cost of making these products is higher than the competitors. Our products are priced as low as they can be, in order to make our prices competitive, without us losing money selling them (as this would obviously not work as a business!) This is why we can’t offer discounts or hold regular sales, as our products are already fairly priced.

When you buy from Let’s Get Trollied you can see directly where your money is going. Your money is not going to help an already rich CEO buy another holiday house or another yacht, but goes directly to pay our wages and support our family (and we are eternally grateful!) Also a portion of all profit goes to a local British wildlife rescue centre based in Newbury called Corvid Dawn, who specialise in rescuing and re-releasing our wild British birds. https://www.facebook.com/Corvid-Dawn-1550193218546821/

You, as a consumer, have the power to decide where to put your money and subsequently whose principles you are supporting in the greater world. The business world can be ruthless, with only one thing in mind, often with principles getting pushed aside for profit.

That is why at Let’s Get Trollied we are proud in the way we do business. We want you to be happy and satisfied with your purchase and provide you with a product that will last, so avoiding more things ending up in landfill! We help you find the right product that you’re happy with, you help us pay our bills, and we all help the planet by getting rid of plastic bags and cheap throw away trolleys! It’s a win, win, win!

We would like to thank you for choosing to shop with Let’s Get Trollied and supporting us in our ethical way of doing business.

We hope you enjoy getting trollied!

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