About Us

Our Story

Let’s Get Trollied is a family run company based in Berkshire, United Kingdom. The founder of Let’s Get Trollied spent seven years in France, where shopping trolleys are used frequently. The health and practical benefits of using a shopping trolley was striking.

With more and more people choosing to walk or cycle, the traditional handbag or rucksack simply isn’t practical or big enough to carry heavy loads. A simple trip to the shop can result in several heavy bags hanging off your arms, making it not only difficult but bad for your back and shoulders. Not only shopping, but a day trip out with the family can prove difficult, with an all too common sight being Mum or Dad laden with bags, bottles, clothes, toys, etc struggling to hold it all and keep up with the kids! Shopping trolleys still come with a stigma attached, ‘granny trolley’ or ‘old lady trolley’ is still a common phrase. But at Let’s Get Trollied we want to get away from this stigma, proving that trolleys are not only practical but funky too!

At Let’s Get Trollied we have a large range of unique and specialised trolleys, each to suit a particular use. There is a choice of 12 different frames, each with different features (e.g foldable, attachable to bikes, inbuilt seating etc), a selection of 15 specialised wheels, each with a particular use (e.g stair climbers, rough terrain tyres, ball bearing, silent etc) and a variety of bags, each in an assortment of colours, styles and uses (e.g wicker, insulated, waterproof etc).

You can mix and match the bags and wheels with the frames, giving you a unique and customised selection.

Why we only work with Andersen

Let’s get Trollied is proud to work exclusively with Andersen Shopper Manufaktur. We wanted to introduce the world of trolleys to the UK, and we were clear from the outset we only wanted to sell the best quality trolleys, to ensure customers were not only satisfied, but proud of their trolley!

This small, family-run company, based in the North of Germany offer only the highest quality trolleys that come with a 3 year guarantee. Andersen Shopper Manufaktur has been making trolleys for 60 years. It was founded by Mr and Mrs Andersen who began making the trolleys in Mr Andersen’s father’s horse stable in 1958. The shopping trolley business took off and has now been handed down to Mr and Mrs Andersen’s son and daughter.

Andersen are proud of their products and their business ethics, making small margins on their products so they are able to sell their products at a fair price. Here at Let’s get Trollied we value this business ethic and are proud to offer our customers quality products at a fair price.

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