6 Wheel Stair Climber Trolley

Tackle stairs like a boss with our unbeatable stair climber shopping trolleys! These amazing trolleys are the ultimate solution for apartment dwellers and anyone who encounters stairs on a regular basis. With three specialised rotating wheels on each side, these 6 wheel wonders effortlessly glide up stairs, making it a breeze to carry heavy loads. Say goodbye to aches and pains and hello to effortless shopping trips!

We’ve got two fantastic models to choose from – the Scala trep and the Royal trep. The Scala trep is a classic steel frame, perfect for quick trips to the market with lighter loads. If you’re looking for heavy duty and extra features, the Royal trep is your gal! This large aluminium frame comes with a foldable base, a trolley cart hook, and a choice of 7 different wheels (including the 6 wheel option). And speaking of wheels, the Royal trep also comes with a 29cm diameter wheel option that’s not only great for stairs but also sturdier on rougher terrain. It’s like a personal shopping assistant, ready to tackle any challenge!

For more information on both of these frames, check out the Frames section.

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