3x13cm Triple Trolley Wheel

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Many steps can often make shopping difficult. The Royal trep trolley easily masters every step with its three large wheels. The whisper wheels also ensure that the trolley is very quiet even on uneven surfaces such as cobblestones. Please note price is per item (single wheel).

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Stair climber. The Treppensteiger Royal Shopper is a practical aid in everyday life. The Treppensteiger Royal Shopper® is made of sturdy and high-quality aluminium, but is still very light with a tare weight of 2.6 kg. The robust Treppensteiger Royal Shopper shopping trolley can be loaded with a total of 50 kg. This means that even larger purchases or heavier loads such as crates of drinks are no problem for the Treppensteiger Royal Shopper. The pockets are also easily removable on the Treppensteiger Royal Shopper frame and thus transform the Shopper® into a comfortable cargo trolley. The special feature, however, are the 3 x 13 cm diameter wheels. In normal condition, the Shopper® runs on two wheels. On stairs or curbs, the shopping trolley automatically switches to stair-climbing mode, making it easier to climb stairs. The HängFix device allows the Treppensteiger Royal Shopper to be attached to most shopping trolleys. The hands remain free while shopping and the Shopper® is still in view. When the Treppensteiger Royal Shopper® is not in use, it can be folded up in a few easy steps thanks to the folding handle and the removable wheels and can be stored in even the smallest corner.


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