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Welcome to the world of shopping trolleys here at Let’s Get Trollied! You may have thought that a shopping trolley was just a shopping bag on wheels, a simple purchase – but there is a whole world of trolleys out there! From your basic 2 wheel shopping trolleys for those small outings to the local shop, to push along 4 wheel shopping trolleys to aid stability, to 6 wheel stair climber trolleys, to wicker basket trolleys for a more traditional feel, to designer trolleys for a funky, trendy look, to expert, specialised, all weather, all terrain bike trolleys!

And that’s just the frames! Our trolley bags come with a range of features including side pockets, inner pockets, thermally insulated compartments, rain capes included and even recycled sail and truck material, making them the perfect eco-friendly shopping partner!

The word ‘granny trolley’ or ‘old lady trolley’ may spring to mind when you think about a trolley, but we want to change all that. We want to show that you can have funky and trendy trolleys too! Here at Let’s Get Trollied we pride ourselves on the high quality and wide range of products we offer. We work exclusively with Andersen Shopper Manufaktur simply because, in the world of trolleys, they are the best! Andersen offer only the highest quality frames, all made in Germany since 1958 and come with a 3 year guarentee.

Browse through our selection and decide what trolley best suits your needs. If you cannot find the trolley you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to find the perfect trolley for you!

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FAQs about our Shopping Trolleys

Are shopping trolleys just for the elderly?

No, anyone can use a shopping trolley! It makes carrying any heavy load much easier and more practical.

Which is your best selling shopping trolley?

The Royal. A great, all round trolley.

Do people buy the shopping trolleys as gifts for someone else?

Yes indeed, you can buy it as a gift for someone or gift yourself!

What are the main benefits to using a shopping trolley?

The main benefits are ease of transporting heavy loads and making it better on your body. By using a trolley you can carry much heavier loads than you could in bags, and transport them easier and further. It also has great health benefits as it doesn't put pressure on your back or shoulders. It makes taking loads over rougher ground easier too as the wheels can go up curbs and over gravel or even through mud, making it easier to take heavy things wherever you need to go.

How many bags of shopping fits in your shopping trolley bags?

This depends on which trolley bag you choose, we have a selection that can hold from 34 to 60 litres; so this can range from 2 or 3 shopping bags to 6 or 7 depending on your shopping.

Can the shopping trolleys be used as a seat too?

Yes they can; Our Komfort seat trolley comes with an inbuilt seat that you can flip out when you need a rest and tuck away again when you're ready to go!

Will I be able to get the trolley up the stairs to my home?

We do have specific stair climber trolleys that have 2 sets of 3 rotating wheels that are ideal for climbing stairs. Or if you opt for a trolley with larger wheels of 25cm plus, these also climb stairs easily.

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  • Excellent customer service. Great choice of trolleys. Sophie listened to my needs and helped me pick my trolley.

    Nada Crema
  • I am most delighted with my little trolley. It arrived very quickly all the way from Germany. 4 days.

  • Arrived really quickly and was far nicer than I was expecting. Was worried it would be too small and that I should have opted for the large- but actually it’s plenty big enough for a town shop, and is quite substantial.


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